When is Sedation an Option?

Chances are, you’ve probably heard something about sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry. What is it? Who is it for? And most importantly, when is it an option?

Sedation: Helping our patients achieve a positive care experience

At Unident Dental Centers, we make sedation an option that just about anyone can choose as an alternative to help them experience the most relaxed dental care possible. Many patients come to us because they’ve had a poor dental experience in their past, and they know that we can help them overcome that. Our caring staff and gentle techniques, combined with the option for sedation during their care, helps many people overcome their anxiety when it comes to their oral health care.

What types of sedation are available?

There are a few types of sedation available when it comes to dental treatment. Most people are familiar with low-dose sedatives like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that can easily be paired with any dental procedure. Other types of sedation include light oral sedation, or even IV sedation. Most of our patients choose oral sedation, which uses a prescription strength sedative to help patients “nap” right through their treatment.

All of your treatment wrapped up in one visit.

How would you like to complete all (or most of) your dental care in just one appointment? When you choose sedation dentistry, you can! Many of our patients take advantage of sedation techniques so that they can “sleep” their way through their entire treatment. Most prescription sedatives that are taken by mouth will last as long as 4 or 5 hours, which is more than enough time for large cases of dental treatment to be completed.

We invite you to schedule a private visit at Unident Dental Centers to find out more about sedation options, and to find out which one is right for you!